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We know dance.

We have classes for all ages and experience levels 


Experience the joy of movement and creative expression while learning the fundamentals of classical ballet. Classes are designed around each age group and skill level. No formal ballet training is required. Emphasis in class will be on correct ballet terminology, positions of arms, legs, and feet, body alignment, toning, and stretching. 


Jazz is a fusion of ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical with expressive motions that tell a story.  Students will learn unique technique along with how to express emotion through movement. This class blends the sustained controlled movement of ballet with freedom, power, and dynamics of jazz and modern dance.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet.  Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and body through fluid dance movements.


Acro dance combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It blends acrobatics and dance through unique choreography and athletic character.  Skills will be taught at a level that allows tricks to be integrated into performance routines where it is necessary to seamlessly execute skills in succession.

hippity hop 2.jpeg
Hippity Hop

A creative style of hip hop with movement and music geared for the little ones. Along with parent and child bonding! 


A style of dance created by merging ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques focusing on the expression of strong emotion.


Tap classes focus on rhythm, musicality and timing. Our beginner students explore the fundamental steps of tap dance, learn tap terminology and develop the ability to maintain correct body placement.  Intermediate classes further develop skills, focusing on clarity of sounds and increasing speed as well as dynamics and musicality.



This fun and upbeat class introduces the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. Hip Hop dance is about personal style and expression. This high energy style can be taught to anyone with a passion to move. Students will use hip-hop to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expression.

kids acting.jpg
Acting For Kids and Teens

This lively class will teach students how to tackle a script and make it their own, work as an ensemble, and create fully rounded characters, all while gaining confidence as a performer.

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Movement For The Actor 

This class will teach students how to maneuver on the stage as an ensemble, creating their own stories, characters and performances with each session. Movement is an essential tool in storytelling and one that can be adapted into all types of performance on the stage.

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